January 13, 2014

Life at the beach

Just a quick post today to show a canvas I made a few weeks ago.  I finally got my husband to put up the shelf in the bathroom and got it in place

Above the tub in my master bathroom

I began by painting a canvas with acrylic paint. The vinyl was designed in SIL studio. Because of the size of the canvas it had to be cut in two sections and then applied to the canvas

January 4, 2014

Christmas pjs

Just another quick layout post.  My friend Janice made the cuts for this page and sent th to me in my Christmas card. I just added photos and some scrapbook paper

Thanks Jan

Sears tower Chicago

NFirst of all, yes I do know it is now officially the Willis tower. I simply don't care.  Anyway I just want to share a quick layout I threw together this morning

 The tower cut wa purchased in the SIL store but I added a base layer and the test. I created the title and date myself using the sil software.