July 13, 2011

Pennant Contest

There currently a cricut circle challenge (see info below) that askes participants to make a pennant for the OHIO Swarm.  I haven't had much time for crafting lately, but really wanted to participate in this challenge.  Afterall, you can't win the fabulous prizes if you don't participate.  So, for my pennant I choose to highlight some of the may things that IL has to offer.  Each of the images on the front represents a different IL activity or attraction.  Hanging below the pennant is a series of post cards explaining what each "stamp" represents.  Hope you enjoy!

1.  Provo Craft will be having a pennant contest.   The ‘pennant’ you are creating is a way for you to showcase your state, country, or providence.  (See a sample at the top of this post.)  We will be using all the pennants to decorate the room and make one giant banner. 
The requirements include:
a.      Theme:
The pennant should be your representation of the state, providence or country of your choosing.
b.      Pennant Size and Shape
The pennant shape is from the BIRTHDAY BASH CARTRIDGE.  The ‘pennants’ that can be used are in the <font> section on pages 58-70.  Please use a ‘fit to page’ for a 12×12 inch piece of paper.  Pennants larger than 12×12 will be disqualified.
If you do not own the Birthday Bash Cartridge, the Cricut Circle will be offering it for $39.99 by visiting the following link:
c.       Timeline and Address
All  pennants must be received at the Provo Craft Offices by end of day on Monday, July 18th
Pennants will not be returned.
Pennants must be received at the Provo Craft Offices to the address below by end of day on Monday, July 18th, 2011.
10876 S. Riverfront Parkway, Suite  600
South Jordan, Utah  84095
d.      Prizes will be awarded for 1st through 5th.
          First Prize:  $150 Cricut.com credit
          Second Prize:  $100 Cricut.com credit
          Third Prize:  $75 Cricut.com credit
          Fourth and Fifth Prize:  $50 Cricut.com credit
 2.  Provo Craft will have a live feed to view two portions of the agenda—CHA Replay and the Q&A with Provo Craft. The link to the feed and the times will be announced on the Cricut Circle Blog on Thursday, July 21st

July 6, 2011

Another small set towards the move

I have spent the last few days taking over a few things at a time for my scrapbook room.  I thought I would give you guys an update so that you can see the progress that is happening.

View of the room from the closet.  The center island is about 4 feet across.  Can you see my imagine hiding in the corner?  What about the YUDU?  I'm so excited to give all my toys a new home.

View of the main work space

Inside the closet, this space is about 11feet by 4 feet.

Looking toward the closet.

My new cube unit.  How in the world is it already full?  I seriously need to do some organizing.

July 5, 2011

Starting the move

I think July will be a month of few blog posts for me.  As you all know my family and I are going to be moving soon.  My husband and I have been working day and night to get the new house ready for our family to move in.  This past weekend my hubby decided it was time to install the track system in my closet at the new house.  Unfortunately that meant taking it down from my current craft room.  So, I began the process of packing up my scrap space.  I think this is going to cause a bit of a forced vacation from crafting :(  Right now I can't even walk in my scraproom, let along find anything.  This us the current state of my craft room. 

On a brighter note last night was spend moving the boys train set to the new house.  I spent the evening with them setting up the perfect GeoTown.  The loved it.  The only disappointment was that I guess I left quite a few items at the "current" house before heading over there.  So, the train set is incomplete, but seriously, I don't know where we are going to put the rest of the toys.  It seems as if the new toy room only has room for trains.  LOL.