ON Going CTMH Specials


CURRENT LINK:  CLICK HERE- Vaild through 10-25-2011


Customers who are currently working towards this great promotion:

Rosemary I

Keep up the great work ladies and you will be collecting this reward soon! 

NOTE:  Inks do not need to be purchase all at once, but in any combination over the promotional period.  In an effort to keep track of those who are purchasing the ink pads I will be posting a link to an "online" party monthly.  If you are ordering for the sole purpose of the ink collection I ask that you try to order through the link to make your orders easier to track.  Of course if you forget or order at a party I will still be watching for your ink purchases, but It is less likely to get overlooked this way.  If you feel you should be on this list and don't see your name please contact me so that I can correct any errors on my part.