September 18, 2016

FishHawk nurse shirt

To create this shirt I used Silhouette Studio software and cut the image with siser easy weed adhesive material.   I heat pressed the material to the shirt then applied TRW foil material.  

When applied to the shirt the siser adhesive material has no color (making it a challenge to weed.  This is a low temp material that needs to be pressed at about 300 degrees F.  It is a quick press 3-5 seconds with a hot peel.  

Best apply the foil and press at the same temperature.  According to the manufacture it is a 15 second press.  However I did not have good coverage after 15 seconds so I put the foul back down and did an additional press.  The foil is a cold peel process. 

And for good measure I made the same shirt with opposite colors!!!

I can't wait to wear this beauty to work!!!

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