July 6, 2011

Another small set towards the move

I have spent the last few days taking over a few things at a time for my scrapbook room.  I thought I would give you guys an update so that you can see the progress that is happening.

View of the room from the closet.  The center island is about 4 feet across.  Can you see my imagine hiding in the corner?  What about the YUDU?  I'm so excited to give all my toys a new home.

View of the main work space

Inside the closet, this space is about 11feet by 4 feet.

Looking toward the closet.

My new cube unit.  How in the world is it already full?  I seriously need to do some organizing.


  1. Your cube unit isn't full yet! You've got plenty of room there. Isn't Ikea furniture the best? I did the same thing in my room. Your craft room is to die for! Such a huge space...you're very lucky!--Pat N.

  2. I love your new room!!! Keep posting pics.

  3. OHHHH yes please let me look at it and admire. Great space and those cubes...love them. Hope the rest of yur move is smooth as well.

  4. It rocks! I can't wait to come and see it in person!

  5. This is looking great!!

    I finally put on my Brewer decals. Please feel free to take the pictures and use them if you need them at all. Thanks again!