July 21, 2013

Back to basics in blogging

I have been thinking long and hard about my blogging and I have finally decided on what direction I would like to take.  When I began blogging a few years ago my original mission was to have a way to share and achive the projects I have made.  Over time my blog gained followers and I was thrilled. In fact I am always surprised and thrilled when people take the time to stop by leave comments and share my work.  But somewhere all g the way blogging became stressful rather than fun.  I felt like I needed to constantly created something g bigger and better and write detailed posted.  This stress has kept me from posting a lot of my simpler projects, but that defeats the purpose of archiving my work.  So I have decided it is time to go get back to basics.  While I do plan to continue sharing my more elaborate work I am also going to be posting some of my simpler projects.  This may mean at times that I choose to just share the photos and a few quick details.  It also means that I will. E posting more frequently.  

So I'm starting now. The following photos are of car decals I made today for a friend.  They were made using my cameo and glossy outdoor vinyl

The first is a starwars hello kitty and the second is for some game.   It is for a friend so I'm not familiar with the game but I know he is happy :)


  1. Love this Hello Kitty Starwars!!!!!

  2. I startend rolling tour blog because of what you make and would love to see pictures of the projects that you thought weren't Good enough to blog about. I bet it would stille give a lot of inspiration.
    Greetings Wendy from th netherlands