September 16, 2011

My first PTO Project.

My son goes to preschool at the local elementary school.  Today is their annual "grand event", and a neighbor on the PTO asked me to help out with a project.  They were looking for a way to display photos taken during the event, that the students can take home.  Here is what I made

The front measures 4.5 x 6.5.  This is a folded card with slits on the inside to insert a photo.  The paw print is cut out (negative space) and the phrase was stamped on using CTMH alpha stamps.  With a bit of help from my cricut and THE PROGRAM THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED-  hehehe...I was able to create a perfect custom photocard.  The card is pretty simple but the real challenge was quantity.  I have completed 226 of these so far, and I am still waiting on the final count from the PTO on how many they will need based on the event.  I think I have a long weekend ahead of me.




oh the mess

Thank goodness for the hardwood floors- I so would not like to clean this out of carpet!


  1. How generous of you! I am sure everyone will appreciate these. Great job!!

  2. What a great parent/volunteer you are! I know your school appreciates you!

  3. oh just sign up to help my daughter PTO and excited...not sure I could do this (too many) but very fun and great great

  4. Missie, Your room looks more like mine, I am the messy scrapper not you. Love the project and you did a wonderful job, you always do.