May 5, 2013

dazzling disney shirts

In just a few weeks I am heading to Walt Disney World with my girlfriends for a once in a lifetime adults only WDW trip!  As you might expect I am super excited and can't wait!  Tonight I created yet another custom disney shirt for the trip!  As it is much different from what I normally do I thought I would share some instructions here. 

First, I want to say that I purchased the rhinestones, template materials, and transfer sheets from  It is one of a few retailers that I use for my vinyl supplies and a great source for bulk heat transfer rhinestones.
To begin I designed the template in Silhouette design studio.  You need the designer edition to create the templates. 
I then cut the template material (double cut, depth of 8 on the blade) and then backed the template with chipboard.  You can also use foam core board, but I didn't have any on hand and this worked just as well.  I will be saving the template for future use.

Then fill the template with the rhinestones.  I made a short video on how I filled the template.  The video leaves a little to be desired, but shows my intentions. 


Use heat transfer tape to transfer the rhinestones from the template to the shirt.  I used my iron to transfer the stones to the shirt- use the hottest setting, no steam and be sure to press for at least 30 seconds on each portion of the design.  I use a pressing cloth or teflon between the iron and the transfer tape.


  1. This looks great Missie! I haven't tried rhinestones with my Cameo yet, but now I want to give it a try! Thanks for this post! Have a great time at Disney!
    Karen ( a follower from the Cricut message boards, also a Cameo user now too:) )

  2. This is an awesome design!
    This is exactly what I call creativity.
    Good job!