August 26, 2013

Thanks a minion

Tonight is the annual back to school picnic at my children's school.  As a member of our parent council (think PTA) I will be working to recruit volunteers and support for school PC events.  One of the many things we do is the box tops for education program. So as part of our display I made this cute BTFE collection box.  My sons teacher happens to be doing a minion theme this year so after tonight it will be donated to her classroom.  

I also made some stickers to hand out tonight for parents who volunteer for events. 

•note to create these items I used svg files that I found on

Edited to add....I made a little buddy for my minion. Now I have one for each of my boys home room classes.


  1. Love this! What an asset you are to the school and Iknow the teacher loved getting the minion for her classroom!

  2. wow, the box and the stickers are awesome Missie ! And yes, I agree with Nadia, the school is so lucky to have you :)

  3. That is awesome!! My kiddos 5 & 7 would love those!!!

  4. I would love to have those minion stickers for my daughter's elementary school. I am in charge of the membership next year and i think this would be awesome. How would I be able to get at least 700 of these stickers?