November 12, 2010

Explosion Box

I just love this little explosion box.  I created it for a friend's 40th birthday as her "card".  I used my cricut to create the pop up cake in the center, my nestibilites dies to do the circles and scallops, and I created the box by hand.  The top of the box was embossed using the cuttlebug.  I know that there are easier ways to do this, but I was very happy with the results.  I plan on trying it again soon and doing a full tutorial.

DSC_0094.jpg image by missieacafa
DSC_0096.jpg image by missieacafa
DSC_0098.jpg image by missieacafa
DSC_0103.jpg image by missieacafa
DSC_0099.jpg image by missieacafa


  1. Missy - it's a lovely box - great job! I'd like to lift the idea to deliver a Chirstmas gift certificate. How did you make the cake stand up in the middle?

  2. Thank you very much Charlette! Feel free to lift the idea- I find that to be a great compliment. To make the cake stand in the middle I did a litte Gypsy work. I essentially welded a long rectangle to the bottom of the cake shaddow. This basically made the cake look like it was on a paper stick (think popsicle) This cake was done with a front and a back side, so I did it twice (once for each base). I cut a slit in the paper lining the bottom of the box, slid the paper sticks through the slit, and the seperated them (like a brad) and glued the pieces down. If you don't have a gypsy the you could just use two long strips of paper and glue them inbetween the layers. I'm sure I haven't done a very good job of explaining so please let me know if you have any questions!