March 25, 2011

Birthday love

I have to say, I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends.  My family has some what neglected the fact that today is my 30th birthday, but my friends have totally made up for that.  I want to share with you a few awesome gifts I got for my birthday this year.

First my friend and birthday buddy Janice over at The Craft Place Blog made this beautiful mini album for me.  She actually gave it to me about a week ago, but I have been saving it to post today.  She is just so wonderfully inspirational and I am so thankful she is my friend!  More photos of the album can be found on her blog.

My friend Jan over at The Crafty Mermaid also made some special crafting gifts for me.  She crafted this lovely springy decor for me to use as a table decoration at the Dallas stampede.  I love it!  I need to find a good home to display it in my craft room now!

Jan also made me this adorable CakeBox for me.  She was so sweet and filled the box with a punch as well as some beautiful twine- I can't wait to use it!  For more pictures of the projects Jan created please be sure to visit her blog!


  1. This all is great.Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Stampede mini!!!

  3. I love these so great, the cake especially looks fantastic