March 15, 2011

Linda's Bags

My good friend Linda made me this awesome bag!  I am so excited!  She is a very talented circle gal who lives locally and we met up this morning so I could grab the bag from her.  Not only did she make one for me she made a few extras for me to take to Dallas this week incase any other circle gals would like to have one.  So, if you are interested send me a message and I will be sure to meet up with you.  I have a few large 13 x 13 ($50) bags, and just a couple of small 9 x 10 ($45) bags.

Some of the extra bags- if you would like a more detailed photo please let me know.


  1. How did she make the circle fabric??
    Heat transfer vinyl????

    Dawn M.

  2. Aw I saw some ladies at the Texas Stampede this weekend with those cute bags and was wondering where they came from.