December 29, 2012

Have a Merry Mickey Christmas

I have to say I just love these ornaments. I made a few this fall for my family and a friend asked me to recreate them for her family. I made a couple of changes this time, and I think I love them even more- if that is possible. Anyway, I was asked if I could share the directions, so here they are.
To begin the process I drew a line all the way around a black glitter ornament with a metalic permanent marker. A small tupperware cup that I had was the perfect size for the ornaments I bought.
Next apply Mod Podge to the bottom of the ornament and add red glitter. Expect to make a giant glitter mess in this process, but it is well worth it!
Add ears- I used glitter balls that are for home decor but they worked perfectly. I used hot glue to attach then sprinkled around the balls with black glitter so that no hot glue would be showing.
Add buttons for Mickey and bows for Minnie!

The Minnie ornaments got one final touch- sequins around the middle.
To do the personalization I cut vinyl using my Cameo and a disney font.  As the ornament is covered in glitter, the vinyl wouldn't stick well, so I used mod podge to adhear the vinyl and then to seal them to the ornament!.
So there you have it, a whole family of personalized ornaments!

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  1. They look wonderful and very fun. What a fun addition to a tree...I think i could have a Disney tree all on its own soon. Happy Holiday Missie