February 2, 2013

Love bugs Bingo

My son, Ian, is student of the week in his PreK class the week of Valentine's Day.  As student of the week Ian is to bring his family to school and we are able to do an activity with the class.  So, I decided to got with a Valentine's day theme to go along with the timing of the event.  In order to make it extra special for Ian, I decided to make a game for him and his entire class to enjoy.  As he is only four, I thought traditional BINGO might be a little difficult for some of the kids.  To make it a bit easier I decided to focus on the alphabet (that they have been working on all year). 

I created the cards using the Silhouette Studio Designer edition software and Lettering Delights graphics, alphabet, and digital papers.  I created 20 unique bingo cards- enough for the entire class.  In addition to the bingo cards I created a set of ABC flash cards that can be used to "call the letters".  Of course they could also be used as traditional flashcards.

The design work was of course a bit of a challenge as this was one of my first "big" projects using the design and cut features of the cameo.  In the end I am even more in love with this machine than I was before.  I can see a world of creative possiblities at my fingertips. Here are some progress photos for those who might be interested.

Ian was my big helper- he assisted with adding contact paper to the alphabet cards to make them more durable.

Ready to cut the letters out!

The "deck" of alphabet cards!  Forgive the lighting, it is so dark in my craft room!

The complete set.  A full deck of Alphabet cards and 20 unique bingo cards. 

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