December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me

My husband, Brian, is usually just OK at picking out Christmas gifts.  Some years he does well, other years I end up with totally useless stuff.  This year was an undeniable success!  He bought me 3 cricut cartridges (and directed his mom in the purchase of a 4th), some cricut mats, a jukebox- which will be returned, but I'm still impressed with the fact that he went on his own and picked out a cricut toy for me, and 10 Tonertex glue pens (look for some projects using these awesome pens in the new year).  Even though he doesn't read here I still wanted to give him some props!  Thanks Bri!


  1. Yeah for attentive hubbies! I asked for 1 bottle of zip dry and he gave me two (for stocking) and you should see what mine did with the buy 1 get 1 free at bath and body! Yeah! So happy for you!!!!!

  2. Lucky you! This year I picked put my presents, so I would get just what I wanted.

    Hoping to meet some new crafty friends in the new year! Be sure to come and visit.

    Happy New Year,