January 4, 2011

More organization

So, I shared with you guys earlier this week that I am in the process of reorganizing my craft room.  I wanted to share this with you because I am in love with this organization.  I don't know about you but I had a ton of small containers fulled with everything from glitter to brads to sequins.  I decided to try to get those a little more organized.  I purchased 8 of these containers at M's.  Seeing as I am very budget aware I purchased them all last week, one at a time, with the 50% off coupon.  Several days last week both my husband and I went to the store so I could use two coupons.  The containers were only about $9 each, but when buying so many the savings really adds up! Each container comes with 6 stacking units (5 containers in each stack).  I believe I ended up with 2 full containers of glitter, 2 with sequins, one with all of my i-rock gems, 2 with beads, and one with brads and eyelets.  I have to say it really is nice having all of those tiny things in one organized group!

Here are a few photos:

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  1. Very nice, my room need some work can you come and do mine?