January 24, 2011


Like so many others I have had nothing but problems with the tiny little pieces on the disney cartridges.  I recently made Cinderellas for my Disney trip and decided to try something different.  For the Cindys I cut the base layer in skin tone and colored in all the areas that would have been black with marker instead of cutting a seperate layer. 

When beginning tink I started out the same way.  So, here is the way that turned out...and be sure to read on as I did a second tink method after I tried this.

This is her hair and wings colored in in black.

After adding hair and wings I colored in her dress and shoes in black and drew in the detail lines

I then added her dress and shoes, colored in her face with gel pens and added a shaddow layer

So, what do you think of my TINK?

I liked the way the first turned out, but I wanted to try a second "idea" that I have had floating in my head for a while.  What if you skip the layers and just glitter everything.  WHO DOESN"T LOVE GLITTER!  To do this I used my very favorite Glue pen (I'll post on that a little later).

Again I started with a skin tone base layer and drew in the face and detail lines.  I started with the dress...covered the area in glue- then glittered.

At this point the dress and shoes had been glittered and I applied glue to the hair

I glittered the hair, then the wings and shoes.In the end I also added a shaddow layer, but this tink is only two layers!  Can you believe it!

So, what do you think?  Which do you like better?


  1. I like both but the glitter is my favorite.

  2. They are both great! I know what I will do next time I have to make one of these Disney cuts!


  3. Missie:

    I have given your blog the Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks so much for all of the inspiration! I love following your blog.



  4. I think both ways are great. They are totally different looks. I use a combination of glitter and marker when I use theHello Kitty cartridge. I like the Martha Stewart glitter pens. Sometimes there are just too many layers and if you are doing a 2" or smaller image they tear easily.