January 30, 2011

Solutions for solutions (and seasonal) carts

Like many of you I have struggled with just how to store my solutions and seasonal cricut cartridges.  At first (when I didn't have many) I simply purchased the provocraft boxes that hold 8 cartridges, but the more I collected the more difficult this became.  So, I purchased a plastic storage system that was highly recommended by many people on the Cricut MB, but guess what, it was bulky, and just didn't look good.  One day while sorting through photos it hit me, I bet my photo boxes are about the right size for my solutions.  I tried one set of inserts and found that it was a perfect fit.  I quickly went to work with my gypsy to create dividers that would also be a perfect fit.  I used the FROM MY KITCHEN recipe cards, and my label maker.  In the end I did also buy a small plastic container for less than 2 dollars at WM, but really this was pretty inexpensive.  I used paper I had in my stash and an extra photo storage box.

Let me know what you think!

This box contains all of my solutions/season cartridges, paper inserts/package materials, and keypad overlays.

Tab view

Front view

plastic bin in the back of the box with my cartridges

Top view


  1. Clever idea! And I ADORE those clear tupperwares from Walmart. I have about fifty of them for all my organizational needs.

  2. Love this idea. I store my stamps in decorative boxes, but I never thought about storing my carts in them. I saw those plastic bins at WM last week and really wanted an excuse to buy them. It looks like I may have to make a trip to WM and Michaels.

  3. Very nice. Like your dividers. I have to revisit that cartirdge.


  4. Hmmm...this is pretty clever! I just ordered a storage unit (you can see a pic of it on my blog) that is about the size of the 12x12 clear containers you can get at your local scrap store. It holds 16 cartridges.

    Will probably be heavy, but I liked the size for how it could fit on my shelf and my rolling tote.

    Doesn't arrive until march - so I'll be sure to post something about it!