February 1, 2011

Function over creativity

I will be the first to admit that todays project post is not the most creative project.  I have been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks, but was waiting until the toy room was clean to take photos.  Well, guess what!?!?!  The play room still isn't clean.  HA!  I decided it may never be clean, so I just took the photos anyway. 

I was inspired to do this when I saw a post on the cricutMB a LONG time ago with something similar.  I can't remember who the original poster was, and I can't seem to find it either- but I do want to let you know that I did have some inspiration for this and it is not truely mine.

My boys need to start helping me with the toy room pick up.  So, I have organized the toy bins by theme, created labels, and it seems to be helping.  I used my cricut and a variety of cartridges to create the tags, laminated them with my yourstory, punched holes with my big bite, and added some rings.  ENJOY!

Here is the whole bank of bins

The label for toy story toys- we have a ton! - toy story cartridge

The bin for Dinosaur toys- dinosaur tracks

The bin for hotwheels and other cars- used Jubilee for the font and everyday paperdolls for the car

The bin for the kitchen toys, food, pot pans- From my kitchen cartridge

The bin for random balls- Sports Mania Cartridge, and I used a sizzix font

The bin for Mr Potato Head pieces- Toy Story Cartridge

The bin for Happy Meal Toys- Simply charmed (can't remember what font)

On a side note, I used so many carts on this project that I can't add enough lables HUMM- I guess I will just have to settle for labeling them in the post!


  1. Very cute, you are so organized!

  2. What a great idea!!!! Everything looks great!

  3. Thanks so much for responding. Which photoShop do you have. I wanted to get PhotoShop to make my Own wedding invites for friends. I have 3 friends getting Married and they have all asked me to make their invites. I wanted something where I can type all the onfo in and add bueatiful Florishes and Hearts to it. Just like invites that I would find online. I thought of getting the letter press machine but I think Photoshop would be my best bet. Can you send me an email @ simplycricutting@gmail.com

    I really appreciate all your inpuT!!! Thanks

  4. I use Photoshop CS2. It is an older version, but is still very functional. I bought it on ebay a while ago (like 4 years ago) for less than $100, considering the cost of the program it was a great deal!

  5. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. LOVE this idea! If I didn't think the toys would be strewn all over the livingroom before I even got the tags done, I'd do it. ;)

    So I'm sharing an award with you.....check it out on my blog.


  6. Fabulous job Missie!! I have awarded you the Stylish blog award over on my blog you can check it out here:

  7. Great Project! I love making labels for my family. I made labels for my shorites drawers, so they can help put things away.