January 21, 2011

where have I been?!?!?

I want to appoligize for being MIA lately.  Things have been a bit crazy here.  As you all know my family and I went to WDW this month which kept me away from my computer for about a week.  Well, after getting home, I had lasik surgery (one week ago).  Since the surgery I have been having a difficult time crafting and using the computer.  I am still healing, and spending too much time on either of these activities is really straining my eyes.  On top of that I also started back to school this week.  This is my 5th semester at a local college.  I generally take only one to two classes per semester, and hope to someday complete an RN program.  I have squzed in a few projects this week and I will be posting some of those later.  Thau for  support and continuing to visit!

1 comment:

  1. Hope your eyes are getting better. It was fun taking a class with everyone. Good luck at school but I know you will do great.