April 10, 2011

another car decal

I created another car decal yesterday, this time for my husband.  The creation process was very similar to the first one I made (click here for decal).  I did some photoshop work and then cut using my cricut and SCAL.  I used silver glossy vinyl for this decal.  I have found that silver and white seem to look the best on tinted windows. I posted this to FB yesterday and had a few of my neighbors send me messages asking me to make one for them.  So, not only did I get to have some crafty time yesterday I got the satisfaction of having other people like my work enough to pay me for it!  I was on such a high.  Let me know what you think.


  1. I love it.

    Do the car decals come off easy or are they perm. I want to make one for my car but only if it isnt perm Dh would have a fit if it were.

    And what kind of material did you use to make it?

  2. I love the make over!!!! I saw it last week, but didn't have time to write.

  3. This is fantastic! Make me a Brewers one! LOL...

  4. Very Cool! White Sox all the WAYYY! :o)