April 5, 2011

My first car decal

I have been working on this project in my head for quite some time, but have finally gotten it done tonight.  This is a car decal that I created using Photoshop, SCAL, and my Cricut.  Now I know that SCAL is the "program that shall not be named", but I truely love that it expands the abilities of my Cricut machine.  I am a true lover of all things ProvoCraft.  I have a baby bug, expression, imagine, cricut cake machine, yudu, and yourstory along with about 100 cartridges and 2 gypsys.  If that doesn't scream customer loyalty I don't know what does.  That said, PC's products do not allow me to create my own projects, so when I need to I turn to SCAL

Here is the image in SCAL.  I set it up to cut 4 logos on a sheet of 12 x 12 vinyl.  For the vinyl I ordered some glossy white Orcal vinyl for outdoor use.  According to the manufactur it should last 3-7 years when applied outdoors.  I let my Cricut do the work from here.  After it was cut I carefully cut into 4 seperate pieces so the images can be used individually.  Then carefully weeded the image.  I cleaned the window of my car with baby wipes to remove the dirt and grime then with rubbing alcohol to ensure it was really clean.  I used transfer tape to apply the weeded image to my car.  That's pretty much it.  If you have any specific questions just let me know and I will be happy to answer them.

cutting into 4 seperate images

applying transfer tape

applying to car with transfer tape

the image on the rear of my car


  1. Nice decal. I love how you put the Chicago in it.

  2. That is awesome!!! I don't have SCAL, but I did have MTC as it seem easier. I have not been following the news. However, my BIL has a siloette, may be I can beg him to cut me one. Would you consider sharing that cut file at all?

  3. Love it! I so want to put decals on my car, DH says no..

  4. okay this is awesome...would be willing to share your cut file???

  5. Totally cute! Love it!

  6. He who shall not be named - LOL!!! Great idea - I of course have car decals and have not made a thing yet. Now I am going to have to work on something so thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Very Cool Decal! I was born and raised in Chicago.... don't live their anymore... but still a HUGE fan... LOVE the DECAL! TFS! :o)

  8. I hear you, I love SCAL and my Cricut. :)