June 12, 2011

Package of the week 6-6-2011

As most of you know I have made it a personal goal to send a card or a package every week to a friend who has breast cancer.  This week I actually sent two packages.  One as part of my goal and a second as a RAK to another circut circle gal who has also battled breast cancer.  I hope both ladies enjoy their packages this week.

I made six different bottle caps in a breast cancer theme.  I started in photoshop with a digital scrapbook kit I downloaded From Two Peas in a Bucket.  This is a great site that has many wonderful digital kits including a lot of freebies.  This particular kit is a free download.  So, I sized my items to be less than a 1 inch circle.  Printed them on glossy paper, and cut them out using a circle punch.  I attached them to the flattened bottle caps, and the put epoxy over the top to protect the print outs.  Because the magnets freely stuck to the backs for the bottle caps without adhesive I choose to not add adhesive so that the caps can be used as magnets or they can be used as scrapbook accents, or whatever.  To each of these I added a magnet to the back but I also made an additional personalized bottle cap for each of the ladies that I put on a ball chain to be used as a charm or desired. 

Each of the ladies will receive a full set of the magnets plus a personalized charm (mine is pictured above)

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  1. So awesome! Can't wait to see the magnets you make for Ohio! I still have pretty much no idea! :)