October 15, 2010

A big thanks to the gals over at hooscrafty.com


Dawn         JINGER        Liza            Rina

So, I think today I need to do a shout out to the gals over at hooscrafty.com  I have been very fortunate to have met these awesome gals at CHA 2010 in Chicago.  This past weekend at the Cricut Circle Swarm in SLC I got to spend some quality time with these ladies.  Not only are they super talented crafters, they are also genuinely nice women!  I feel so blessed to have gotten to spend time with them. 

Oh, and of course I have to give them a hard time for linking you all to my measly little blog.  It was my intention to get this up and running before I had any followers, but today I logged on to find that I have 9 followers!  Wow!  All I can say is thanks for stopping by, and for giving me the kick in the pants I need to start posting! 


  1. Of Course you have Followers!!!

  2. hahahha!! No kicking allowed!!

    I was very excited to see your blog and happy to announce I was follower numero uno!! Woo hoo!!!

    So happy I have met you on more than one occasion and hope there are many more! I love your blog, you are amazing...crazy, but AMAZING!!!!!