October 18, 2010

It has been a very busy weekend

This weeked was crazy busy!  Spent all day Saturday photographing a wedding.  I had been so nervous about the endevour.  I am not by any stretch a professional photographer.  I am more of a hobbiest.  I love taking pictures, but can't imagine a world where anyone would pay me to do it (it would be like being paid to scrapbook- too good to be true).  Anyway, a few months ago a friend of the family approached me about doing photos for his wedding.  The bride and groom are both pretty young and didn't have a ton of money to pay a professional photographer.  They asked if I would do it for a lesser fee.  I thought long and hard about this before agreeing.  In the end, I agreed to do the photos but told them I was uncomfortable taking any payment.  This was a good learning experience for me, so I feel that we all gained something from the experience. 

So, over the next few days I will be posting some photos from the wedding.  I will also be posting a few projects I helped with to make this wedding a success.  I have been friends with the grooms aunt for years- and she hosted the reception.  I helped with a few things for the party and will be showing those as well.

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