October 25, 2010

Just one project today.

So, I am looking at the clock thinking there is no time to complete a project tonight.  I thought I would share one that I did a while ago- just to give you something pretty to look at!

This project was completed for the Cricut Circle Swarm in SLC- OCT 2010.  I did the vinyl work and the layout and Jan Schmeckpeper did the map.  These items were created for a door decorating contest during the course of the swarm.  I used my GYPSY to create the layout to be cut in vinyl.  I believe I used ZooBaloo, and ELEGANT CAKES for the cuts, but I will need to double check that in my G this week. 


  1. I really like the picture with the personalized frame! Nice job!

  2. Wow, who are those 4 cool chicks in the witches hats? Miss you!! You are awesome!!