August 10, 2011

New Valences

Today's afternoon craft project was new valences for my craft room.  This is the one space in the house that gets to be girly.  I have two little boys and I am way outnumbered by the male gender.  I am determined to make this room as pink as possible.  My husband wouldn't agree to letting me paint the wall pink as it has french doors with glass pannels that opens into the entryway.  So, the compromise was to use lots of pink accents. 

My DH finally got my cricut cartridge shelves up this morning too.  Looks like I need at least one more shelf.


  1. Love the PINK! Your room looks beautiful!

  2. Very nice! Look at all the room that you have! Wonderful crafting space! Congrats!

  3. Looks Great, but you have a bunch of stuff piled up in the "Jan" spot! LOL