December 19, 2011

CupCake Bath Bombs

Several months ago I found a tutorial for cupcake bath bombs on the LITTLE BIRDIE SECRETS blog and I just knew that I needed to make them.  I decided that they would be perfect for teacher gifts this year.  So, the first step was to get my hands on all fo the specialized supplies that were required to created the bathbombs.  For that I headed over to and found an amazing selection.  (if you head over there be sure to tell them that I sent you) I used the recipe list provided by little birdie scecrets and placed an order for all of the required supplies.  A WORD OF CAUTION- THE TUTORIAL OVER AT LITTLE BIRDIE SECRETS MAKES ONLY ONE BATCH, AND FROM ONE BATCH I WAS ABLE TO MAKE ONLY 10 CUPCAKES.   You may want to plan for making multile batches and order supplies accordingly.

Here is a list of what I ordered.  I ended up with plenty of supplies for the to create one batch, and have the leftover supplies for at least one more batch.  However, if I would like to do more than that I would need to order more of the Citric Acid- so be aware of that when ordering.  Also, I ordered several fregrances and colors so that I would have lots to choose from, but ended up not using them all.  So, it would be more cost effective to just order one color and/or scent.  However, I do plan to make more of these yummy treats and I am glad I have lots of supplies to work with. 

  • 1 of: Holiday Candy Fragrance Oil (4 oz)

  • 1 of: Citric Acid (1 lb)

  • 1 of: Glitter Sampler Pack, 1 sampler pack

  • 1 of: Sweet Treats Colorants

  • 1 of: Sweet Almond Oil (1 lb)

  • 1 of: Bentonite Clay (16 oz)

  • 1 of: Witch Hazel (16 oz)

  • 1 of: Butter Cream And Snickerdoodle Fragrance Oil (2 oz)

  • 1 of: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (1 lb)

  • 1 of: Cream Cheese Frosting Fragrance Oil (2 oz)

  • 1 of: Iridescent Pink Glitter (1 oz)

  • 1 of: Iridescent Glitter, 1 oz

  • Here are the directions I used for the bathbombs- again, please note that I got this recipe from Little Birdie Secrets, and they certainly deserve the credit for that!

    What you'll need:

    *2 c. baking soda
    *1 c. citric acid (We found this in the bulk section at a local health food store)
    *1 Tbsp. oil of your choice (We like almond oil, but grapeseed oil or even olive oil would work)
    *5 drops fragrance/essential oil
    *3-5 drops coloring (You can use food coloring, but it may fade quickly and even leave a ring around your bathtub. We used a special oil for bath products we found on
    *1 tsp. Bentonite clay (optional--this just makes them harder; we found it here, too.)
    *1 tsp. to 1 Tbsp. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (optional--this makes your bombs lather up, and we also found it here.)
    *Witch hazel (poured into a spray bottle)
    *Paper cupcake liners
    *Silicone cupcake molds

    1. Prepare your molds by placing a cupcake liner inside the silicone cupcake mold. It won't fit perfectly--just shove it in.
    2. Place all the dry ingredients in a large bowl and gently mix. Be careful not to inhale it!
    3. Add fragrance to the dry mixture. Measure out the oil and place a few drops of color to it. Add it to the dry mixture. Gently mix.
    4. While kneading the mixture with one hand, begin spraying the mix with the witch hazel. (We did this as a team, but one person can do it alone.) Be careful not to get the mixture too wet--the moisture will activate the citric acid and your bath bomb will be ruined. Continue to slowly spritz the mixture with witch hazel and squish it in your hands until it has the consistency of crumbly pie dough
    5. Quickly pack the mixture into your liners inside the silicone molds. You want it to be packed in tight. Allow the mixture to set in the silicone mold for at least 5-10 minutes before removing. Now let's add some frosting to these bad boys.
    6. Make your frosting.

    Cupcake Bath Bomb Fizzy Frosting (Royal Icing Recipe)
    *3 Tbsp. meringue powder (we like Wilton's) or powdered egg whites (you can use real egg whites or egg white substitute, but we didn't have very good luck with them)
    *1 lb. (measured by weight) powdered sugar
    *1/4 tsp. Cream of Tartar
    *5-6 Tbsp. warm water
    *Few drops of color
    *Glass bowl
    *Hand mixer

    Few drops of fragrance

    7. Mix meringue powder into warm water first in a GLASS bowl. Add cream of tartar and powdered sugar. Start beating on high. If your mixture feels like stiff cookie dough at this point, add another tablespoon of water. Beat for 7-9 minutes. Frosting is done when it forms stiff peaks and is thick and fluffy.
    8. Add color and fragrance and beat until well mixed (one minute or less).
    Note: If you decide to add baking soda (for fizziness) and sodium lauryl sulfate (for lather), you will want to increase your water to about 6-7 Tbsp. Add them with the color and fragrance.
    9. Spoon frosting into a disposable cake frosting bag with the cake decorating tip of your choice.
    10. Frost your cupcake bath bombs however you like. Allow bath bombs to sit overnight to harden before packaging. Be sure to let your children, husband, or dog know these are NOT EDIBLE!

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    1. Hi Missie, just popped over to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year. Your bath bombs are fabulous
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