December 28, 2011

More craft room organization

First of all I need to thank my hubby, Brian, for taking the time to help me up up some shelves today.  I have had some Ikea shelves that needed to go up in my craft room for a while, but the job never seems to get done.  Brian, took the initiative today and did it for me!  Thanks baby!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few quick photos today of how the new (ok, it was new in July) craft room is pulling together.

The shelves on the right, and the two bars with pink buckets are new. 

The rest of the room with my son Ian- who wanted to be in the photo!

Left side of the room

Right side of the room

Looks like I need some more organization on this side of the room


  1. It looks great. I am going to start organizing mine very soon and I just dread all the work it will be.... Afraid hubby will realize just how much stuff I actually do have! Offda!

  2. Wow Missie, your room is fantabulous! I have something similar but not nearly as big as yours. That is so nice that you can really spread out. Wish I had more wall space like you too. Love your Cricut emblem in the middle there--you did a nice job with everything!-Pat N.

  3. Wow! I am sooo jealous. I wish I had an entire room. All the shelves look great! Have fun creating in your space. Looking forward to your new projects of 2012.

    Happy New Year,
    Carson's Creations

  4. Looks awesome Missie- I am jealous. I love the white desks and cabinets-countertops

  5. Looks great...isn't IKEA the best (we have matching desks you and me) Love the pink buckets!!

  6. This looks so amazing! I am going to have to start being more organized and I look seeing your room for ideas!