October 8, 2011

Better Blogging Day 8

As yesterday's post was a bit picture heavy I decided to save some of the additional details for today.  I mentioned yesterday that I tried something a bit different with the front of the shirt.  I used a BLANK YUDU Cardshop screen (no machine required) to create the image on the front.  Like the rest of the images for this shirt the design work was done using Photoshop and SCAL.  I also cut the image from vinyl and applied the negative to the screen.  I found that using the card shop screen allowed for better control over image placement with such a small decal.  The best part was that I didn't even need the card shop frame.  I simply placed the screen over the shirt and pulled the image- so for those who do not own a YUDU or YUDU Cardshop, this would be a great way to make small custom designs- and the blank screens are under $20 for a two pack! 

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